The Bhote koshi River is best described as a liquid rush! As steep as it gets with constant rapids, this two-day trip is a full body workout and the skill and determination of the paddle crew is tested to the limit. The Bhotekosi, roughly translated as ‘river from Tibet’, has one of the steepest gradients of any raft-able river in Nepal. Snow Giants loom over as water roars and dodges its way through narrow canyons shooting down below.

The Bhotekosi is one of the most technical rivers in Nepal, providing continuous, challenging rapids from start to finish. It has been likened to a pinball machine and you’re the ball, which is certainly how it feels, with one intense rapid after another and is an exhilarating ride. With an experienced guide it is a great first river for beginners, while having more than enough to challenge and thrill an experienced rafter! Our guides know exactly where to put the raft to get the most out of this river and to avoid spills. Come play with us here and you will be hooked on rafting for life.

The Bhotekosi is without a doubt one of the most exciting short rafting trip in the world! Wondering if Bhote Koshi is for you? If you are ready for action, if you are ready for fun then this river is the one for you. You don’t need prior rafting experience but you must be prepared to either throw yourself into the paddling or get ready for a flip! Bhote Koshi rafting is the ultimate fun.

Bhote Kosi (Liquid Rush) – 2 Days

Difficulty: Class 4 (5)

From: 95 Km (Altitude 1020m)

To: The Dam (Altitude 760m)

Distance: 17 km

River Days: 1 to 2 days

From Kathmandu: 3 1/2 hours

Best season: Oct – Nov, Mar – May

Detailed Itinerary

Day 01: Drive to put in, raft & camp.

Day 02: Breakfast, rafting, take out lunch and drive back to Kathmandu.


All Permits

River Guide

Saftey Kayakar

Three Meals / Day

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